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Dec. 23 - Christmas Countdown

Seasons Greetings!

I know December has been a slow month for the blog but it has been a busy month in real life. It has mostly been the usual holiday busy-ness. Lot's of running around the city, buying gifts, making plans, packing, travelling. Primarily I have been taking photos to use in stock photography and for 'The Hostile Cities Project'. A friend of mine with a similar camera has lent me her telephoto lens. I've only played with it a little bit but I'm excited to practice with it over the holidays before I bring it out into the field.

Keep warm, and happy holidays!

Christmas Selfie

Christmas Selfie

Found a Santa hat at the dollar store I couldn't resist.

Dec. 14 - The Hostile Cities Project

Hello Friends,

Today is a very important day for me because today is the day I publically launch 'The Hostile Cities Project'. The HCP is a page I have created to spread awareness of the different ways city and building planners deter behaviours (and people) they don't like. While there are only a few images right now it is a project I plan to continue indefinitely as I continue to document different examples of hostile architecture in my day to day life. Please go check it out, and if you know of examples in your life that you would like to share please contact me via my email or Facebook messenger.

Thank you.

Peel Station

A leaning bar created to remove benches and seats from public spaces.

Dec. 13 - Photographer for Hire!

Good news everyone!

I have finally created and posted a pricing list. If you are in need of a photographer you should go check it out. My next step will be to post some example portraits, but first I have to wait for my model/wife to finish her finals.  Keep tuned for when I reveal the beginning of my big project tomorrow!

Stay Cozy!

Pricing Sneak Peak

Click the screenshot to go check it out!

Dec. 12 - 'Secret' Projects

Greetings Fawkes Fans!

December has been a slow month for blogging, and for that I apologise. It's not that I haven't been hard at work, just that nothing has hit the website. That should change this week! I have finally created a new page for the project I am working on. There's not much there yet but I am very excited. It should show up in a day or two, I'm just waiting on a second set of eyes before it goes live. I have also sorted and edited through more photos but have decided to set those aside to sell as stock photography (a system I am slowly establishing). Once I have my stock profiles fully up and running I will make sure to link those for anyone interested. I hope December is treating you well and someone else is doing your shovelling.

Stay warm!

Guy-Concordia Signage

Guy-Concordia Signage

A subtle hint about my ungoing project.

Dec. 3 - New Photos


I know it's been a few days since I've posted. It's been a busy week. I have managed to squeeze in some time for photography. I spent some time photographing the Christmas lights downtown Montreal earlier in the week. Unfortunately, I didn't realise until it was too late that my camera hadn't charged overnight: the wire must have been loose. So, there's not very many but I look forward to editing those later this week. 

I do have something for you folk though: more La Ronde photos! While I'm sure I have many more unsorted somewhere this is the last of the photographs from my last trip of the season. I sorted and weeded through over 500 photos to bring you only the best. The end result is just under 40 images and A LOT of lessons learned about lighting, timing, and composition. I hope you enjoy.

Happy December!

Ferris Wheel from Below, Angled

Waiting in line is a lot more fun if you bring a camera.

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