November - Fawkes Conibear
Le Vampire

Nov. 27 - New Gallery Soon!


Colleen and I had a busy weekend.  We were in Williamstown, ON because Colleen had pulpit supply. We bused out Saturday evening and spent the night with a lovely couple from the church. I brought my camera and tripod to church Sunday morning to take photos of Colleen working for her to have. After lunch at a nearby cafe, Colleen had a meeting and I began wandering the small town with my camera. While they're very different from my usual vibrant photos I had a lot of fun exploring the old cemetery and taking pictures of the unique headstones. Having done my initial sort I'm very excited to start editing them tomorrow.


Education and Application

Education and Application

I like multitasking whenever I can get away with it.

Nov. 23 - First Satisfied Customers

Good news everyone!

Today, I finished editing the photos from my first photo shoot (that you can read about in an earlier blog post). After exploring my SmugMug settings so I could share them privately, I uploaded and shared them with my friends, and they are very happy. I am very excited about this first step and look forward to more shoots in the future.

In the meantime, I am continuing my self-propelled photography education. In addition to the videos by The Great Courses I've been watching, my new book has arrived. It's called the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC book for digital photographers by Scott KelbyI'm only a few pages in but I'm already really enjoying it. Kelby's writing style is very relaxed and conversational which makes it easy to follow along and interesting to read. It's a thick book but I imagine the time spent reading it will be better spent than smashing my head against my keyboard in frustration if I were trying to learn everything on my own.

Time to make another cup of tea and keep reading.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

Time to get cozy and keep reading.

Nov. 21 - Lights in the Dark

Hello All,

The big news today is that I have started editing and upload photos to a new gallery. In the fall my wife and I spent a wonderful evening exploring the Chinese Lantern Festival at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. I took many photos experimenting with different ISOs and shutter speeds. I've deleted many of them because they were blurry or way overexposed. The ones that are left are quite stunning. Click here for a taste of what is to come.

'Till next time.

Mythical Creature

An unknown mythical creatures.

Nov. 18 - Making Progress


Today was another incredible day. Woke up early so my wife and I could go out for breakfast and spend some time together. When we got home I began studying and researching. My quarterly copy of the free magazine Photo News arrived this week so I began reading it and learning about ski photography. While it's been many years since I've hit the slopes photographing in snowy cold conditions is something I am familiar with. 

I also spent a solid chunk of time Googling everything I could think of and just following where the links took me. A lot of this was focused on outdoor photography and portraits because I wanted to prepare for my first ever paid photo-shoot. After some solid research, I collected my gear, jumped on my bike and rode to the shoot. We had a wonderful time wandering Montreal and finding interesting locations for their portraits. I haven't moved them onto my computer yet but I have a very good feeling about the results.

After supper (pita pizzas), I watched several photography lectures presented by The Great Courses. Four lectures later and I had reached my saturation point for the day. I went back to my computer to check on my social media accounts, work on a Christmas list, and other miscellaneous tasks. Eventually, I got back around to photography and edited and upload a handful more pictures to my Water Fowl collection.

Now I am off to unpack some Christmas ornaments and see if we kind find room to put some of them up. 'Till next time!.

Making Friends

A cautious swan poses for nosey tourists.

Nov. 17 - Busy Days


I know I haven't uploaded anything in the past few days but they have been very busy. Wednesday was an uneventful day at work. Thursday was an excellent day though. I spent my morning volunteering at The Open Door finding clothing for the folks that needed it and helping serve lunch. Afterwards I went out for a bite with a friend at Sak's Sandwich Shop (which I highly recommend). 

Today, I spent my afternoon at Private Tattoo getting my chest piece finished by Meaghan Goeb. After four sessions and approximately ~13 hours we have finally finished! Time to start saving for a new one.

Tomorrow I have my first paid photo-shoot! Friends of mine want a nice portrait done to give their family at Christmas and I am very excited to help them out. 

Big plans ahead!

Karma Karma Karma...

Karma Karma Karma...


Nov. 14 - Swan Lake

Hello All,

Decided to take a break from roller coaster and edit some of the pictures I took in Stratford, Ontario back in June. We had a lovely day walking around Stratford and even managed to see a show, but almost all the photographs I took were of the birds down by the river. So, be prepared to a couple dozen pictures of ducks and swans. I had a lot of fun waiting for the birds to contort themselves into amusing poses and watching their antics. They're very used to people so it's really easy to get a nice close up if you move slowly and act patiently. There's lots to come but I've managed to post a small selection for you to check out here.

More to come tomorrow.

Curious Female Duck

A curious duck inspects the interlopers

Nov. 13 - Just Keep Swimming

Hello Everyone,

 There's a lot of work ahead of me but I don't work alone. My camera shy betta fish Blue is always there for company. The heating in my apartment isn't very good I took a moment this morning to order a small heater for his bowl since the temperature is beginning to drop. Now that he's a senior at 3 years old I like to try and spoil him when I'm able.

I am also continuing to sort through the hundreds of photos I took this summer at amusement parks. I've definitely become a lot more ruthless now than I was when I started. I doubt I will be able to sort them all tonight. BUT, I do promise to edit and post at least more photo to the gallery before I call it a quits for tonight.

All in all, it has been a productive day.

A Fish Named Blue

A Fish Named Blue

Blue surveys his domain

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