January - Fawkes Conibear
Le Vampire

Jan. 16 - YouTube

Good news everyone!

I have just posted my first YouTube video. Last week my new camera (Olympus TG-5) arrived in the mail and I finally had a chance to start testing it out. So, I strapped it to my backpack, hit record, and went for a hike in the woods with my snowshoes. Two days later (a very quick turn around time for me) the final product is up on YouTube*. I would say it's not bad for a first attempt but there is definitely progress to be made. 

My initial impressions of the camera are good. It's small but has a nice weight. There are lots of safety features in place to keep the camera watertight, and while I haven't tested it yet I trust their 7ft impact protection. I look forward to bringing it on my more camera hazardous adventures in the future.

Until next time.

*Video here

Sunset on the Mount

A tree creates patterns in the snow as it shelters the drifts from the wind. While the sunsets in the background as seen from Lac aux Castors in Montreal.

Jan. 6 - New Year, More Plans

Happy (very) belated New Year!

Colleen and I had a very busy holiday that involved 2 provinces, 3 cities, countless friends an family. While I didn't spend much time on my laptop I have created a new gallery with a handful of images (for now). While taking photos for my Hostile Cities Project I documented which metro station I was at (with a photo) for organizing my images later. While my initial plan was to delete these once they had served their purpose I decided to edit them instead. I was mostly curious about the abilities and uses of black and white photography. In the end, I found that these mundane signs created beautiful images. They are clean, simple photos that I believe anyone who has used the STM metro system will appreciate.  

I also have many images from over the holidays I have begun to edit but have not uploaded yet. I am spending many hours on the train next week and intend on using the time to edit photos and upload images to my stock photography profile.

I hope you are all managing to keep warm as the temperature plummets (hello -20).

Until next time.

Peel Sign

A picture taken inside the STM metro at Peel Station.

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