Pricing - Fawkes Conibear
Le Vampire

Photographer for Hire!

Need a personalised gift? Walls looking a little bare? Or do you just feel like showing off? If so, you've come to the right place. My photographer services are for hire! No travel involved, I'll come to you!* Whether you're sitting on your couch, going for a walk, or building a snowman I aim to capture genuine moments and avoid looking over-posed.

*Offer limited to the Montreal, extra charge will be applied for areas not accessible via STM or bicycle.

Price List

$50/hr of shooting

You will receive:

- 1  digital set of colour photographs cropped to 5x7

- 1 digital set of photographs edited to your preference

- 50¢ per photo for 3rd form of edit

- 75¢ per photo for 4th+

Edit options include:

- Different crop ratios ex. 4x6, 8x10, 16x9, 1x1 etc

- Black and White

- Sepia

Prints available upon request. Price will be determined by size and type of print.


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